Auto Interior Dashboard Part Mould

Auto Interior Dashboard Part Mould

We making kinds of plastic auto parts mould,such as auto grille mould,interior part mould,mirror mould,dashboard mould etc.It is very professional company with 15 years experience in this field,we take good quality and competitive price for all customer

Product Details

auto dashboad mould.jpgMould type:Plastic injection mould

Design software:UG,Proe,Auto CAD

Main services:Prototypes,mould design,mould making ,mould test

Steel material:718H,P20,S136H,2738

Plastic production raw:PP,PA,ABS,PE,PC

Mould base:HASCO,DME,LKM

Mould runner: Cold runner ,hot runner

Mould surface:EDM,Texture,High gloss polishing

Equipment:High speed CNC,EDM,Wire cutting,Grinder




Mould Features

1.       No cutting of value gate is employed to reduce the labor cost.

2.       Advanced hot runner system assures lower level fo AA value

3.       Reasonable designed cold water channels increase cooling effect and shorten the cycle time.

4.       Good vacuum stove is imported of the components,which assures the hardness of components HRC45-HRC48

5.       HASCO,DME,standard



Our company Advantage


1.       Capacity of research and development

We have a powerful team for reseach and development,which is capable of manufacturing the injection moulds with one cavity to multi cavities.

2.       Advanced Processing Equipment

Many machine advanced equipment,such as CNC,EDM and so on.All of these increases processing precision,good interchangeability and low eccentricity

3.       Perfect inspection Method

Inspection tools include projector ,harness tester,stress tester,eccentric tester,and other inspection tools.The screw neck is made and inspected strictly by the standard of Coca  cola and the screw neck has been up to the standard of coca cola

4.       After sales service

Technologists professional in after sales line and excellent credit assures stable operation of the machines.

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