Low Pressure Injection Molding

Low Pressure Injection Molding

Customized Low pressure auto mould manufacturer. More than 100 Low pressure parts mold be exported per year. u Low pressure parts material: ABS or PP u Coating Material: Textile u Low pressure parts mold analysis: Moldflow to check injection point u Low pressure parts mold design: 3D format in STP, X_T or IGS, 2D design in dwg, or pdf u Low pressure parts mold steel: cavity 718H,P20H, 2738, 1.2312; corep20H 718H, 2738, NAK80. u Low pressure parts mold cavity: 1+1 cavity or more

Product Details

Low Pressure Injection Molding

plastic injection Textile Low pressure auto interior body parts mould


Customized Low pressure textile auto mould manufacturer. More than 100 Low pressure parts mold be exported per year, we also have 2 oversea offices for mold service support.

u  Low pressure parts material:  ABS or PP

u  Coating Material: Textile

u  Low pressure parts mold analysis:  Moldflow to check injection point

u  Low pressure parts mold design:  3D format in STP, X_T or IGS, 2D design in dwg, or pdf

u  Low pressure parts mold steel:  cavity 718H,P20H, 2738, 1.2312; corep20H 718H, 2738, NAK80.

u  Low pressure parts mold cavity: 1 cavity or more

u  Low pressure parts mold standard parts:  HASCO, DME, PUNCH,JINGHONG.

u  Low pressure parts mold hot runner:  YUDO, INCOE, Synventive, DME, MOLD-MASTERS,

u  Low pressure parts mold gate:  edge gate or point gate

u  Steel treatment:  Vacuum quenching, or nitride

u  Low pressure parts mold size: 800*650*580mm

u  Injection machine: 500T

u  Cycle time: 60S

u  Works schedule:  5days design-3days prepare-45days machining-5days assembly, then test.

u  Mold life guarantee:  500000shots or one year.

u  Packing for delivery:  strong wooden case or pallet.

u  Shipment:  by sea after customer approval the final samples.

u  Process following:  weekly process report with pictures or videos

u  Test inspection:  checking list report

u  Payment terms:  50% down payment, 50% balance before shipment

u  Service:  30% spare parts for mold, and 1 year guarantee.






Mold description:

plastic  injection Textile Low pressure body parts mould



Contract will send you in PI for payment



We need your PO for confirm the order



50% down payment we can start design


Parts analysis

Will confirm with you if need modify the  parts


Mould design:

Material and shrinkage need you offer


Design software

UG for 3D, AutoCAD for 2D


Rough machine



Mold Base:

LKM, DME or made by ourselves


Surface finish:



Mold cooling line:

Deep drilling machine for 24h production


Mold Gate:

Point gate or sub gate


Mold modify

Where need we will do accordingly


Suitable for:

Injection machine



After confirm the final samples



2weeks after confirm final samples



By sea from Ningbo Port China


Why Us?

1.      Low pressure textile injection mould, is a special injection mould, that needs different technology to make, and we have experience and technology of this kind of mould.

2.      We have special professional designers and mold makers for Low pressure parts mold after making so many Low pressure parts molds.

3.      We have made low pressure mould for both oversea cars and Chinese cars.

4.      Quality is the life of our company. We focus on quality and time control. Every mould machining process will be weekly informed.

5.      Trust was built on you know better of us. Believe yourself and choose us won’t let you down. Let’s try and know you better. You need good automotive interior parts mould supplier, and what we need is a chance to show you who we are and what we can do.


How can you make an inquiry to us?

1.      What files we accept?

We can accept the files by igs, stp, step, x_t, dwg, dxw, pdf,and etc, of the parts design.

2.      What information we need?

For offering your clear the injection mould quotation, please offer us the following information asked for your moulds.

1.      What mould steel need for your mould? P20 718/ 2738/ 2311/ 2767/ 2711/ 2312/ 8407/ H13/ 2344/ NAK80/ S136/2316.

2.      How many cavities you want for your mould?

You need single cavity or multicavities.

3.      What kind of hot runner needed?

Famous brand or China local brand?

4.      What kind of mould standard parts do you need?

HASCO, JINHONG, DEM OR china local

5.      What mould life you want for your injection mould?

100000shots, 300000shots, 500000shots, or 1000000shots or more?

6.      Do you need CIF, EXW, or FOB mold prices?

Mold price will be little different with different terms of business.

7.      What material you will use to make production?

3.      How can you contact with us?

By email: info@seacomould.com,

By whatsapp:+86 18969612882

By leaving message on our website

By QQ: 1264506869

4.      How long you will receive response?

Within 24hours we will contact with you, if your information if ok, we will send you full quotations for your checking.

5.      If price is too high, how we do business?

Usually we will offer you best price, but also there maybe some much lower offers you got, what we want to explain is that, price is according to your quality and service, we can’t promise to give you the lowest, but we can confirm to give you most suitable offer for you!!! Because decision is not only based on price, so please think clear what you really need of the moud? Is just price? No, because some more cost will cost you after you payed for the mould cost. Too low cost mean low quality, that you need stop to repair the mould and waste time to waiting, waste a lot workers to do manual work, and all this will cost you the money. So why not you spend a little higher in the beginning on the mold? Take a think of this you will kwon well, don’t wait till it happen to recognize this.

6.      If we want make order to your company, how to do?

First after we confirm everything terms of the mold and payment, we will send you a proforma invoice for your arranging down payment.

7.      If after delivery, months later we find the mould have problem, how to do?

Usually we promise the mould life according our PI. If you have some problem of the mould, we will try to help to maintain it. Also with the delivery of the moud, we will send you some spare parts for mold maintain.

8.      Is it possible to visit your factory?

Yes, we welcome all the customer to see and visit.

9.      Is your company big a small

We are a medium company, not too big, 50-60 workers.

10.   What machine you have

We have High speed CNC, engraving machine, drilling machine, EMD, wirecutting machine and etc.

11.   Do you make machine all by yourself or out sourcing

Most of the machine works made in our company, but also some machine process we will do by our partners our sourcing.

12.   Can you make injection

Yes, we are very like to make parts production for you. If you make production here by us, we will get the down the mold cost for you. Also if the production quantity is big, we can retreat you the mould cost.