Car Radiator Grille Mould

Car Radiator Grille Mould

Seacomould can produce various kinds of auto spart parts mold according to different customer’s requirements.we can also produce the products.All mould with good quality and reasonable price to all over world customer.

Product Details

car radiator grille.jpgCar Radiator Grille Mould information


1.    Design request:vertical and horizontal mould design

2.    Mould material:P20,718,NAK80,S136

3.    Standard Base:LKM,HASCO,DME

4.    Treatment:pretreat and nitriding ,polish

5.    Cavity:single or multi

6.    Runner:Cold or hot

7.    Gate:point ,sub gate

8.    Related plastic material:PP,PC,PS,PE,PVC



1) Car radiator Grille Mould structure design

Professional designers provide you with reasonably designed mould to shorten cycle hours.

Reducing unnecessary procedure improves efficiency.


2) Car radiator Grille Mould cooling system

According to the structural characteristics of the product and the appearance of the product , We design a reasonable form of gate for mould, such as a large gate, hidden gate, fan gate, needle gate, pin point gate etc., a reasonable channel of runner design make mold temperature balance in the shortest time to improve mould precision and productivity.


3) Accessory for Car radiator Grille mould

Slide, guide pin, guide sleeve, lifter blocks and so on are taken by wear-resistant standard parts, to ensure the mould life.


4) Deal with Car radiator Grille  mould

 Quenching the mold, heat treatment to improve the hardness, then Nitriding temperature is lower , the mold will no longer need to quench mold with high surface hardness and wear resistance more than HV850

Service for Car radiator Grille

1) We can repair the mould in one year for some free and provide technology.

2) ordering formand materials application are conducted in strict accordance withISO9001/ ISO14001 quality management.

3) High quality, attractive price.

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