Plastic Baby Car Toy Mould

Plastic Baby Car Toy Mould

We are specialized in designing & manufacturing plastic mold & plastic products, concerning home daily, auto part, household appliances, medical beauty equipment, transport facilities and many different kinds of toy for many countries. We have 15years experience for performance of different kinds of plastic and can offer perfect OEM & ODM service for plastic mold and plastic products.

Product Details

baby car toy mould.jpgName product:Plastic Baby car toy mould

Mold material:S136,P20,S45C,2738


Rubber:Yudo,Mastip,Hasco,Dme,hot runner or cold runner

Gate type:Side gate,sub gate,pin point gate

Treatment:Heat treatment and Nitirding ,polish etc

Design software: CAE Moldflow,UG,PROE,CAD

Mold specification checking:3DCMM,Projector

Our company advantage:

1.       Our company specializes in plastic injection molding as well as mould making and product assembly

2.       We can produce any part,big or small,perform post processing,assembly or packaging according to the customer requirement

3.       We can use your existing mould or produce one in our factory.with 15 years of experience we can handle any of your projects

4.       We can also assist you with the particular design of your product and subsequently produce it by plastic injection moulding

5.       Processing methods:processing with supplied drawings

6.       Standard or nonstandard:we both process standard and nonstandard forgings

7.       Aftersales service:all the casting will be checked strictly,if the defects are found,we will offer parts sparts.

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