Analysis of the causes of black spot in injection mold

- Jan 27, 2018-

There are always some headaches at each injection plant, such as black spots, which seem to be hard to stop. Although very difficult, but each injection molding processing factory cooperation customers don't think so, the cooperation of customer's products, users will not think so we only have a good to study the reason and find the solution to solve the problem.

Home page is to guarantee to customers in the hands of injection molding product is good, to solve the problem is a more important place, USES the special guide plate, put in desktop lamps under test, so it can generally appear black spots problem of injection molding processing parts detected, unapt appear to the customer's hands.

Secondly, we should analyze the source of the black spot problem and solve the problem. After a long experience, Shanghai kuixing should focus on the following aspects. Material, material temperature, screw type, Angle, bad environment, switch machine and other six aspects.

Here is the gist of the black point analysis:

1. The warehouse has not finished the dustproof after incoming material, which leads to a lot of dust on the material bag.

2. During the feeding process, the material bag is not cleaned and the material is added to the material.

3. When adding material, the paper pin on the material bag is not clean, and the material is poured into the bin when the material is poured into the hopper.

4. The oven shall be used for a long time without cleaning or dark colored materials to clean.

5. When the raw material and color mother are finished, the lid is not covered. When cleaning the workshop, use the trachea to clean, causing the impurities to get into the material.

6. The injection mold is not maintained for a long time, and the guide column and slide block have long friction, which leads to the black spot in the production of the iron pin.

7. The injection mold top minister's time is not cleaned up, and the dust is on top, and the machine tool vibrates when the mold is opened, causing the dust to fall into the injection mold.

8. Raw materials and color masterbatch also have a very small amount of black spots (the normal state of incoming materials)

9. In the process of transportation, the forklift will break the material bag and easily contaminate the impurities.

In the process of refueling, the dark colored gun barrel is not cleaned up, which leads to the production of black lines.

Due to abnormal production, the materials are released from the oven and the packaging used is not clean.

12. The material is placed in the workshop. Due to the blockage of the channel and the serious oil and water behind the machine tool, the staff can easily pass through the material bag when driving, resulting in impurities and oil pollution on the material bag.

13 (bad) sealing a higher part of the machine tool product requirements, next to a machine tool use deep color of crushing material, the material in the smoking or drying material, easy to cause the dust falling into the dark material

14 the injection molding workshop USES the windpipe to clean the machine tool, which can easily lead to the oven in the drying material, the impurities from the machine tool inlet into the oven material.