Application of gas assisted injection molding CAE in die design of automobile bumper

- Mar 08, 2018-

The use of CAE technology for the gas assisted injection molding simulation analysis on the structure of automobile bumper mold design and molding process conditions, successfully designed in line with the actual needs of the production of bumper mold structure; optimization of gas filling molding and filling effect, improve product performance and improve the surface quality of mechanics, the success rate of the first test.

1, the automobile bumper mold as an example, the application of gas assisted injection molding technology in the mold design; at the same time in the design process with gas simulation technology to simulate and optimize the molding designing scheme of CAE auxiliary, greatly improve the quality of products, save the cost of mold design and manufacture, optimize the process conditions, so it has very important practical significance the.

2, the optimal design scheme for automobile bumper mold using a hot runner, from single point feed intermediate products; products can be used as part of a thick edge local airway, without increasing the channel design, from the middle part of the cavity form product inlet.  

3, bumper mold gas assisted injection molding process: molding temperature 225 degrees, the maximum pressure of 25MPa. The delay time of gas auxiliary intake is 9 ~ 11S.