Auto mould 3D design Notes(二)

- Mar 08, 2018-

As the auto mould 3D design are generally carried out in the UG,involving more content,so we should do detailed inspection after designed one set of auto mould.Following I will tell you in detail how to check .

1.      If make sure all sealing surface are non eroded surface.

2.      If the non-sealing position at the processing is simple.

3.      If the non-sealing position at the corner has been avoided.

4.      If machine R angle is larger than the diameter of the tool.

5.      If die insert or larger insert are process.

6.      If  insert,needle hanging is empty

7.      If the width of insert,needling hanging  design is reasonable.

8.      If the parts need to be accurately processing othe inclined holes.

9.      If the inset and lifter is easy to cut line.

10.  If the mould core do the deformate consideration.

11.  If the mould core make block.

12.  If the mould core have a tight block,mould base opening need to avoide empty.

13.  If mould core height is consistent with the mould base opening.

14.  If 3D process need exhaust,the exhaust is effective.

15.  If insert and needle is drawn on the exhaut.