Auto spare parts mould use pin valve gate advantage

- May 25, 2018-

With the rapid development of China.Auto spare parts industry,users have higher requirement for the surface of big size injection parts.As big injection mould,we can not only using flow,pressure holding,cooling or injection craft to control and improve the product quality,but also higher requirements is removing the welding mark and the flow stress concentration when the plastic melt flow front interchange position.

      Based on this kind of requirement,traditional injection way can not satisfy the forming request.For this purpose,we offer Pin Valve gate hot runner system to control the gate of injection technology to solve this problem.

Pin Valve Gate Filling Advantage

1.    By controlling the gate open time,make sure the cavity filling fluently and plastic flowing balance,removing welding mark. Normally, big size injection parts needs 2 or more hot gates to fill. In regular hot injection system, before injection, all gates open in same time. This kind of injection way, fusion flaw is unavoidable. When melt flows into interchange position, they cannot melt totally together, so the melting mark would be there which we call  welding mark in the part surface.Though we can reduce the mark through raising the temperature of plastic material,increasing holing pressure or adjust injection craft,but they can not do perfectly.If we using the Pin Valve Gate hot runner system,we could control every gate open and close time.We can control 2nd gate open when the first melt flows.In the meantime,we can open or close the first gate as necessary.Keep doing this till all gates open and cavity filled,make melt all connected,get the product without any welding mark.Balance the flow situation.

2.    The technology can offer us the product without residual gate mark. Therefore, it is suitable for surface high requirement product.Some times using valve gate also because the gate smooth in the product,it looks like ejector pin mark,so complete sub gate or other style runner gate,is much less mark. 

3.    More effective in controlling pressure holding and cycle time.Pin Valve Gate hot runner can use a bigger gate,so that it makes melt flows faster inside the mould cavity,reduce cycle time.