Automobile door sheet mold assembly technique

- Mar 14, 2018-

Our company is professional on the auto mould,and the auto door sheet mold take a large share in our auto mould.Auto door sheet product is very strict during the injection.The product does not allow batch feng,shrink,clip wave,scratch ,defects .The commom problem is that the lifter is easy to leak.Because  the car door sheet mould the quantity of the lifters have much more.Alittle bit error in the repair and installation can lead to the batch front.For auto door sheet mold structure reason ,the gates have three or more,at two strands of glue is easy to be the position of the welding clamps the phenomenon of water lines. do some exhaust inserts, and replacement good these insert can directly affect the exhaust effect. Due to the large mould of the door panel, it is necessary to gradually control all the steps to ensure the quality of the mould.

Key points in assembly.

1.       The installation of 1. Guide pin, guide sleeve, such large auto mould of guide pin guide sleeve hole are ourselves with CNC processing, to control in the process of machining precision and tolerance size, installation guide pin to the first guide pin, guide sleeve in alignment with the square guide pin hole with copper hammer knock gently guide pin, then use screw locking.

2.       The repair of exhaust inserts. This type of exhaust inserts should be fitted with screws before assembly. Do not knock the inserts directly with hard objects. Use a nylon glue stick or a copper rod to cover them before tapping.

3.       Assembly of speaker mesh inserts. We need to be careful when installing, so as not to touch the mould, work injury and so on.

4.       Assembly of inclined top. The error of adjusting the thickness of the support block of the thimble plate is corrected. Install the back mould and install the nitrogen spring, then release the process screw on the bottom plate after the thimble board is in place, and then use the small copper hammer to hammer the top surface of the inclined machine to ensure the bottom end. The lemon nut is put on the top to the top to the top of the diagonal. The inclined top surface should be fixed, or lower than the rear die, about 0.01, avoiding the inclined top shovel adhesive.

5.       After the hot runner is installed, the temperature control box is connected to the power supply to check whether the function is normal, and the problem is not detected by the injection molding machine.

6.       After the reset switch is installed, the multimeter can be used to detect the reset switch.

7.       After the mold is installed, test the ejection mechanism.