Automobile injection mold cooling system design.

- Mar 15, 2018-

With the improvement of people's living standard, the beautiful and practical interior decoration becomes an important factor for consumers to consider. The interior of the car is mainly made of plastic parts. The plastic parts are processed by injection mold, and the quality of the inner parts of the car is determined by the quality of the injection mold. The production principle of the injection mould is injecting molten plastic particles through high temperature and high pressure in according to the product shape steel processing and shaping cavity in the body, after cooling in the open cavity are required for the product of the shape. When the plastic particles are cooled, they release a lot of heat. If they can't get rid of the mold cavity in time, the product will be defective. In order to solve this problem, the general mould is to process transverse or longitudinal water channels in mold core and cavity. Under normal circumstances, the water and molding products around 20 mm distance control, water cooling water, through the flow of water to achieve the purpose of cooling, and so has limitations, only apply to product modeling space enough mold layout waterways. With increasing function of auto parts, ordinary water cannot be uniform mold cooling, appearance quality and size cannot be guaranteed. In this paper, according to the particularity of vice dashboard store content box product modeling, cooling bar is introduced to optimize the mold cooling system, ultimately achieve the goal of product quality and the molding cycle


Product design: the dashboard store content box is PP material, in order to satisfy the requirement of the product dermatoglyph corrosion, product profile design the ejection Angle of 6 degrees. Product size precision and high requirement of table, in the process of product design, in order to make the space is large store content box, more practical, the inner wall of the box with the product of the outer wall distance cannot be compressed, lateral wall cracks can't arrangement of ordinary water cooling. We will be in the design of store content box mold cooling rods scheme is used to solve the problem of cooling products.


Design of mold cooling system.

Mould cooling rods are made from special copper tube after joining mesh tube core. Add a certain amount of coolant cooling rods does not rust, do not produce scale, minimum diameter is 2 mm, length is 225 mm, the products are narrow, the deep parts of the cooling effect is remarkable. Cooling rods of another advantage is its mounting hole diameter is small, the hole inside the cooling stick filling, can be closer to molding products, does not affect the strength of the mould, make the mould cooling effect and life can be guaranteed. Cooling rods in the mold can't effective cooling waterway, nearly parallel to the surface processing and product technology hole, cooling rods in the smear lubrication refers to, and then into the hole, and then cooling rods lower loading process hole with a cooling, cooling holes and mold cooling waterway are interlinked, lower cooling rods become so heat cold end system, injection products release heat can by cooling sticks out. The bottom of the cooling rods and the cooling waterway are interlinked, with external cooling water circulation water is same. Through the effect of cooling rods, deputy dashboard store content box narrow wall between the accumulation of heat is absorbed by the cooling water side by side to mould external products wall will not appear because the local overheating surface defects such as color difference. At the same time the product the whole forming type weeks because of the effect of cooling rods and significantly reduced.

Vice instrument store content box mold cooling system is introduced into local cannot be effective cooling rods design way to make the mold heat dissipation problem is improved, the appearance quality of the product dimension accuracy is guaranteed, product molding cycle control within the expected requirements.