Automobile PC lamp mould Injection Common problem points

- Mar 07, 2018-

1.       Auto lamp mould use special injection moulding machine.If shared with several material or color,it should spit material to the pure color at least need 25KG raw material

2.       Injection machine should be sealed,due of the dust and debris into the mould causing auto lamp product scratches and black spot.It is trouble to make the mould polish.

3.       PC electrostatic adsorption is very powerful,electrostatic gun use domestic

4.       Auto lamp mould design use simple structure,mirror light material ,polishing material and so on

5.       Rust inhibitor and cleaning choose is very important,do not choose oily,dry,try several more.

6.       Try a few more PC material,such as Bayer,Teijin and so on.

7.       The material of Auto lamp usually use PC,it need dehumidification drying,use 120 degrees and four hours

8.       The last is the injection moulding process,and a structure of silver and drying is not reach the designated degree.