Causes of discoloration of injection mold products

- Dec 25, 2017-

Why is the product discoloration often occurring in the injection molding process? There are many causes of discoloration of the product in fact, sometimes need to consider, in the process of injection molding, as long as there is no notice that there may be a product color, if not timely notice, will lead to a large number of rework, this is a very big loss to the factory. The following is the main reason why the product is discolourable.

1, first of all, the injection process and the raw material problem of the product. If the temperature is too high when the nozzle or cylinder and other equipment are in operation, it will lead to the discoloration of the product. In addition, the speed of rotation of the rotating equipment will also affect the color of the injection product.

2, the injection amount of injection is too large, speed is too fast, or too long will affect the color of the product. In addition, if the raw material of injection is affected by dust or dust, there will be a problem of discoloration of the injection products.

The problem is, finally, 3 injection molding milling machine and tooling equipment, if the internal grinder has obstacles, will cause the degradation of plastic processing, such grinding, if foreign words appear in the equipment, injection molding products will lead to discoloration of the problem.