China Lead-Acid Battery Industry Development Trend Analysis

- Mar 19, 2018-

In recent years, with the change of market demand, the production mode and technology of lead-acid battery are constantly improving, and the manufacturing level is continuously improving. The battery specific energy, cycle life, performance consistency, safety and environmental protection are improving. With the development of electric bicycle battery and other power sources, the high temperature curing technology has developed rapidly. It is generally believed that high temperature curing can improve battery life. In recent years, negative electrode additives and ratios have also accumulated a lot of parameters, and found some regular experience. In China, other advanced technologies, such as winding batteries, bipolar, thin plate, are still in the research stage, and there is no mass production.

In the case of patent technology declaration in China, the overall defense line of the battery industry in recent years is the improvement of battery structure and the development of battery model. The foreign patent technology mainly involves the thin plate bipolar lead battery with cash, the sealed battery using the modular structure and the lead battery of the colloidal electrolyte. Therefore, there is a certain gap between China's patent technology and foreign countries.

Over a hundred years of history of the lead-acid battery because of cheap materials, simple process, mature technology, low self discharge, maintenance free characteristics, in the coming decades will still dominate the market, although the starting power battery market space will be the inflection point in the near future, the development of national industries still the dominant medium will also occupy a space for one person, in the long run, don't need high weight specific energy applications will continue to exist.

At present, the main application areas such as automotive, motorcycle, etc. with standby power in substantial growth, but also in new application areas such as electric bikes, cars can be used such as the development of valve regulated battery technology development, such as the need to meet the high-tech power UPS, power and communications equipment the. Due to the continuous progress of lead-acid battery technology, the electric vehicle industry has made great progress, and has contributed to reducing the pollution of fuel automobiles and fuel motorcycles. The development of maintenance free technology and grid technology meet the rapid development of the automobile industry. It can be said that the technological progress of lead-acid batteries in these applications has made a real contribution to the improvement of national competitiveness. The demand for small mobile power sources, such as electric tools and electric bicycles, has stimulated the rapid growth of the power battery industry. Most of the configuration of the electric bicycle battery is the VRLA battery, after a performance improvement, in the field of energy and the cycle life of a breakthrough, but so far there are still in the middle and high rate is not high enough, the specific energy disadvantage of deep cycle life is not long enough, to a large extent influence the rapid growth of electric bicycle industry. As a substitute tool for less developed countries, electric bicycles have developed rapidly in recent years.

It is expected that the battery product will flourish for a long time in the future. More than 95% power batteries for electric bicycles in China are lead-acid batteries, which is a huge market.