Design of Injection Mould for Battery container

- Mar 20, 2018-

Battery container is one of the main parts on the battery, using the E/P resin, complex shape, there are six deep cavity, the cavity bottom of reinforcement, and there are five among thinner clapboard, four sides with convex rib, two large side convex rib, because the mould is complicated. This article presents the nice means of designing mould and taking off it in many directions for complex plastic shell.

1.       First analyze the mold structure.

Battery container mold adopts the sprue feeding, six mold core by solid core board fixed, activity module can slide along the slide block, carriage is fixed on the die set, oil cylinder is fixed on the slide block, piston rod through the hydraulic cylinder fixed on the model, mold core cooling waterway and activity module. This is done by the module. Insert, activity module and die core constitute the mold cavity of this mold, guide column to think sleeve, guide sleeve, slide frame, pull rod and hydraulic cylinder constitute the mould guide and the mold control mechanism. After injection molding, the ejection force due to the joint surface, die set with the template first separate, make the sprue coagulation is expected to fall off, from the rod limit, then the mold core from the depths of the cavity, and then the hydraulic cylinder driven activity module along the carriage to move around, this action not only make the module from the four sides of the battery slot products, and activities module also products a demoulding force, make the products base, separating from the cavity.

2. Runner system

Because of the larger size, the battery container is equipped with six needle-point sprays to feed, accelerate the feeding speed, reduce the flow resistance, and reduce the warp distortion.

3.       Mould release mechanism

In order to reduce the battery container mold release force, take the following measures: 1. The mold core has an appropriate mold release angle, 2. In order to prevent the mold core from forming a vacuum in the cavity, an exhaust rod is designed so that the air can be passed into the compression type to Cavity. 3. The hydraulic-assisted mold release mechanism can not only reduce the demoulding force, but also simplify the mold structure. Two hydraulic cylinders are used to drive the four active modules to slide.

4. Cooling system

The cooling system is the most important part of the mold design. It is related to the deformation of the product battery slot when it is demolded, shortens the molding cycle and improves the quality of the parts. Therefore, the mold is cooled internally and externally, and the six cores are all equipped with cooling channels. The four active modules are Set up cooling waterways.

5. Conclusion

The battery container mold is a typical complex plastic part. This paper better solves the design of the cavity, the design of the ejection mechanism, the design of the cooling system, and simplifies the mold structure, especially the hydraulic assisted ejection mechanism, which is a complex mold removal. A direction of development.