Front grille body mold manufacturing method

- Dec 06, 2017-

Front grille body is generally made of hard plastic (PP + TD20) and soft plastic (TPE) made of materials according to a certain percentage of injection molding machine. As the two products of the material fit together to form, consider the conventional rotating two-color mold, that is, making two different cavity, two the same core, forming a product after the rotation molding another product, this program principle It is feasible but it can not be realized because the size of a single core cavity will be large due to the large size of the product and the cost of making two cavity cores is too high. Injection molding machine is an oversized machine, the price of the machine is enough to collect the ordinary machine; such a large rotary double-head injection molding machine with a very low frequency of ordinary molds, only a mold of a machine, resulting in increased production costs. In addition hard plastic material PP material will begin to deteriorate from 280 ° c, so the heating temperature should be below 270 ° C operation, its molecular orientation is very strong, low temperature molding, easy to warp and twist due to molecular orientation, mold flow Road, gate should be designed to meet the requirements of liquidity, and the gate design also pay attention to the adhesion of molded products, molded products designed to prevent the occurrence of depression and deformation. Injection mold structure and diverse, two kinds of materials fit together a lot of injection molding structure, generally based on the different products using different fixed mold, ejection, runner and other forms. Such as patent application number CN101096121A, a two-color injection mold comprises a front mold, a back mold, a plurality of sliders located in the front mold and a plurality of sliders located in the back mold, and further comprises a plurality of first cavities, A second cavity, a first hot runner, a second hot runner, at least one first auxiliary runner and at least one second auxiliary runner, the first auxiliary runner connecting the first hot runner and the plurality of first mold cavities For each first cavity feed and the second auxiliary flow path connects the second hot runner and the plurality of second cavities together for each second cavity feed.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The object of the present invention is to solve the problem of the mold cavity is too large, the cost is too high, and the process is complicated, by using the conventional rotating two-color mold body to solve the problem that the front grate air inlet grille body product pasted by the two materials meets the requirements of the prior art. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, and provides a front grille body mold. The mold only needs to make a cavity core and does not need to be rotated. Only one mechanism is required to close the soft cavity when injecting the hard gum, When the plastic injection is completed, the soft rubber cavity is opened and the soft rubber nozzle is injected with the soft rubber. The two materials are bonded and molded together with high precision. The plastic flow has good fluidity, no shrinkage cavity, weld marks, Rift and other defects. The above technical problem of the utility model is mainly solved by the following technical solutions to solve the front grille body mold comprises a master mold, movable mold, mold base, characterized in that the lower part of the master mold and the move The upper part of the mold forms the molding area of the front grill air intake grille body; the movable mold is provided with a plurality of thimble, inclined top and sealing plastic top blocks, the lower end of the inclined top is connected with the inclined top connecting rod, the lower end of the inclined top connecting rod is provided with A slant roof guide block; a hot runner is arranged in the mother mold, a heat flow plate is arranged above the mother mold, an embryo flow dividing plate is arranged in the heat flow plate; sliders are internally arranged at both ends of the mother mold and the moving mold; There is a hard rubber feed port, the side of the mold with soft rubber feed port. The design of the injection molding machine supporting the two nozzles are independent, when the side of the nozzle can also be used when the production of large-scale common mold in full bloom products, can be a multi-purpose machine