Good experience in making battery box mould

- Mar 23, 2018-

Battery is widely used in our daily life, such as car and motorcycle battery, agricultural sprayer battery and so on. Batteries are divided into water-soluble storage batteries and dry batteries.

Because the water-soluble substance is strongly acidic, it cannot be leaked out after sealing. Therefore, the casing of the battery box mould has a very high requirement on the dimensions, and the mold is required to be very high, requiring high-precision machining.

we will design the product that best meets customer’s require and products life and all according to the customer's needs, and chose the best steel material, gate, size, etc. Generally the battery box product material is ABS, Cavity and core steel material use 718H,hardness is HRC30-34.Insert and slider use H13 Steel and the hardness reachesHRC42-45. The hot runner will be determined according to the product. The general battery box is 4 hot runners or 6 hot runners. The Arnold standard hot runner system, the German heating system, Anole standard series temperature control box, and the Mould release use push materials. Plate is demoulded with cycle time of 50 seconds

Battery box mould in the processing,we will pay attention to the following point:

1.       Re inspect after the processing,

2.       According the design to compare the size

3.       After the batter box mould assembly,check the gate size of the hot runner is consistent.

4.       The injection pressure is controlled during the final injection to reach a normal value.

5.       Check the sample,cut all products to measure size .