How does plastic mold process control harden?

- Feb 05, 2018-

Nowadays, the application of injection molding is quite extensive, and the enterprises engaged in injection molding are more and more. In the process of plastic mold processing, we often need to pay attention to the hardening speed of the injection parts, and the speed of hardening will affect the efficiency of injection molding. So, what are the factors that affect the speed of the injection molding?

Injection molding pieces of plastic mould processing hardening speed and varieties of plastic processing material, shape and wall thickness, mold temperature and whether preheating and preloading etc. There is a close relationship, such as using YaDing, preheating, improve molding pressure measures such as time, temperature and growth can significantly speed up the hardening. In addition, the hardening speed of injection molding parts should be suitable for the molding method. For example, when injection molding or injection molding, the chemical reaction should be slow in plasticizing and filling, slow hardening and long flowing state.

In addition, when filled with cavity, it should be quickly hardened under high temperature and pressure. The hardening speed of the injection molding process can lengthen the molding cycle and reduce the productivity. Plastic with fast hardening speed can not be formed into complicated injection moulds. Therefore, the hardening speed of injection parts must be strictly controlled in the process of injection molding.