How to deal with if there are weldlines in the auto interior parts injection mould

- Jul 05, 2018-

     During the plastic injection mould process production,weldlines are often formed due of plastic convection.The weldline is caused by the front end portion of the molten resin from different directions being cooled and not being completely fused at the joint. Under normal circumstances, it mainly affects the appearance and affects painting and plating. In severe cases, it has an effect on the strength of the product (especially in the case of fiber reinforced resins)

     How to improve it ,pls take following five factors to deal with it?

1.         Adjust Auto interior parts mould conditions to improve liquidity. For example, increase the resin temperature, increase the mold temperature, increase the injection pressure and speed.

2.         Adding auto interior parts mould venting groove, and providing a push-out rod at the place where the weld line is generated is also advantageous for exhausting.

3.         Minimize the use of release agents.

4.         Set the process flash as the place where the weld line is produced, and then cut and remove after molding.

5.         If only the appearance is affected, the four positions can be changed to change the position of the weld line. Alternatively, the portion where the weld mark is produced may be treated as a dark glossy surface or the like.