How to design the cooling system of the paint bucket mould

- Mar 26, 2018-

Plastic paint bucket mould cooling system design: The design of the cooling system is a relatively cumbersome work, that is, to consider the cooling effect and cooling uniformity, but also consider the impact of the cooling system on the overall structure of the paint bucket mould; such as: key parts such as dynamic models The cooling of inserts; the design of cooling elements and the selection of cooling standard elements. Seaco mold design began to analyze these issues, the paint bucket mould using circulating water in the paint bucket mould within each part of the flow, reduce the cooling time injection molding, improve product production efficiency and greatly reduce production costs.

Plastic paint bucket mould structure: mould using I-die structure, cavity and core selection of 2738, slider, guide chute, inserts using 2316 or 718H, guide column, guide sleeve, gate sleeve, pull rod, reset rod SKD standard parts are used, and the mould base is made of its own standard mould base. Good material's corrosion resistance, toughness, thermal conductivity and hardness make polishing easier, saving cycle time, extending die life, reducing maintenance and repair time, reducing cracking risk, and increasing production effectiveness.