How to make a good crate mould

- Apr 10, 2018-

Plastic crate is common applied in daily life.How to make a good crate box mold? To produce a high-quality mold, must understand the following technical points and quality points of the crate mold:

Crate Mold Quality key points:

1.Long lifetime

2.High speed Injection

3.Has good exhaust system


Crate Mold technical key points:

1.    How to make crate mold long service life?

First of all to chose good steel material cavity and core.For example:

the production of one out of four crate mold, the hardness must be higher than the hardness of 33 pre-hardened steel mold, and then select the appropriate mold standard parts.

Second, we must control the hardness of each piece of steel, not too


Third, the friction and guide parts of the crate molds must be finished,

and no manual work can be done.

2.    How to make the crate mold effective injection

Good plastic material filling systems require special hot runner systems to aid in forming because the production of durable totes requires low melt index HDPE materials, such as melt index of 4 or 6, etc.

Ensure that the cooling system achieves the best results. To produce a durable crate mold, the design of the cooling water path on the largest molding surface of the mold must be optimized. For the production of disposable crate molds, the quenched and tempered steel must be combined with an excellent cooling water circuit design.

Select high-speed injection molding machine to run the mold, the injection screw speed (RPM) must be greater than 350. Most crate box manufacturers in the world use accumulators to increase the melt injection rate

3.    Exhaust system at the handle of the plasic crate mold

It is important for the handle Exhaust, due of when the crate is loaded,

the handles at both ends are the key points of the load. If the exhaust on the two handles on the mold is not good, it will leave a significant weld seam and the product will easily be damaged from this point.

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