How to prevent baby toys mold deformation? ? ?

- Jul 11, 2018-

If the injection mould deformed,it will affect normal production,which will cause certain harm.How to prevent this deformation.The mold designer and manufacturer will be take more attention on it .I take baby toys mold for example how to prevent!

1.Baby toys Mold size accuracy

The dimensional accuracy of the mold should be appropriate. The design, fabrication and molding process of the mold should be considered according to the drawings. The key is to ensure that the actual baby toys mold size is within the dimensional tolerances required by the drawings. This is also the designer must solve the problem. Otherwise it will affect the baby toys mold.

2.Baby toys raw material Shrinkage rate

Even with the same resin, if the molding conditions are different, its shrinkage rate will be different. The shrinkage change rate is required to be small when the precision baby toys mold is formed, and the expected shrinkage rate and the actual shrinkage rate are as much as possible, but in the actual process, it is generally difficult to do, and the mold is usually corrected after the test. In order to better correct the mold, when designing the dimensions of the concave part of the plastic mold in Shenzhen, the shrinkage rate should be as small as possible, and the size of the convex part should be taken as the maximum value.

2. Prevent molding deformation

The deformation of the plastic baby toys mold is mainly caused by uneven shrinkage and internal stress in the mold. Therefore, the preventive measures we can take are:

(1) The number of mold gates should be appropriate, and the gates should be balanced;

(2) Select the correct gate shape and position, which can be seen according to the shape of the mold.

3. Prevent baby toys mold release from deformation

If the shrinkage of the material is relatively small, it is important to note that when the molding pressure is high, the plastic part is likely to remain in the cavity. In addition, the mold is designed to be release without deformation of the plastic part to prevent deformation.