How to reduce the injection mould processing cost

- Jun 15, 2018-

Reasonable and effective reduction the injection mould processing cost that can effectively improve the company economic production ,reduce the company’s production costs,and help company to promot the product market competitiveness.How to reduce the cost? the reasonable and good injection mould

Before the productor manfacture we select well designed and reasonable injection mould.This is the good and basic way to reduce the cost.Different mould design structures have different requirement for products materials.Excellent mould can make good products and less waste,natural the production costs is lower.

Second.using a reasonable processing technology.

The same products using different production and processing techniques,the raw material and quantity are different.According to the characteristics of the product,under the premise of meeting the quality requirements,improved the processing can effectively reduce the cost of production.

Third.using scientific and rational management.

In the production process using scientific and rational management.Sales ,supply ,product and finance should be strength control management.The cost of raw material,auxiliary materials,fuel,power,wages,manufacturing cost,administrative fees are detailed in the cost per unit of product,reasonable and standardized management,and waste is strictly prohibited.

The company reduces various unnecessary wastes at each stage, so as to achieve the purpose of reasonable storage and use of materials, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. This will not only ensure the reasonable needs of production, but also reduce the waste of funds.