how to solve injection molding problems?

- Jun 12, 2018-

During injection molding there can occur several problems in your parts  such as flesh, sink marks, wrapping etc. 

We have not only experience in a good mold and cooling design, machinery settings, but also, and there is where it starts excellent product and part developers.
Besides that the experience of our injection molding operators is a combined experience of 200 hundred years.

Our injection molding company therefor set up a trouble shooting guide with the top 15 problem that can occur and how to prevent them easily. ( or solve them when occurred)

see here under our list:

  1. flesh

  2. sink marks

  3. wrapping

  4. flow lines

  5. black specs

  6. discoloration

  7. splay

  8. sprue sticking

  9. un melts

Black specs: 

This is a common complaint in the plastics processing industry of  light colored or transparent products. During extrusion, injection molding; blow molding black specs can occur...
Black specs occur when the machine is used for the processing of different materials in different colors, there arises an accretion of materials and pigments in the dead corners of the cylinder and also the shady side of the flanges of the screw.

By rinsing the machine with just one granulate  it removes material on the side where the flow rate is high, but not where the material remains stuck.
By prolonged thermal stress by use of processing temperatures degrades the material and burns.

what to do?
Regular cleaning with an active cleaning granulate. Our company isgreat for this and helps you reduce your downtime caused by contaminated equipment and even to avoid. This saves you time and many euros and besides that it provides a lot of productivity. Fault diagnosis:
When a product has been produced satisfactorily and suddenly goes wrong, then there is something changed. The prinicpe is nie to handle ...