Injection molding maintenance knowledge

- Feb 22, 2018-

     Mold as the most important plastic processing equipment molding equipment, maintenance and maintenance of good, for the extension of mold life cycle, to provide plastic products, reduce processing costs, improve efficiency, significant, usually less time and cost, can play a huge Role.

Injection mold maintenance knowledge:

1, first of all, each mold should be equipped with resume card. Detailed records of the use of statistical molds, care and damage, which can be found on which components, components have been damaged, the extent of wear and tear, to improve the reference for the latter part of the maintenance, as well as the mold forming process parameters, materials used to shorten the mold test Time, improve production efficiency.

2, testing mold action. Before each use and after the use of mold movements to be tested to observe the mold situation. In the injection molding machine, mold the normal operation of the mold to test a variety of performance. If there is a problem, to find out the cavity, core, ejection and other problems where you can determine the damage status of the mold and maintenance measures.

3, the use of mold maintenance. Keep the mold clean: Many problems are due to dirt during use of the mold. So keep the mold clean is very important. After the use of mold to clean the cavity, core and waterway, the top of the system, and then packed and stored; rust inhibitor: After using the mold, the mold must be sprayed rust inhibitor to prevent the use of mold rust; Lubricant: mold The top of the guide system to maintain regular lubrication, to determine the use of smooth movements, no abnormal sound. And regularly check the thimble, guide post and other deformation and surface damage, once discovered, to be replaced; and with the mold resume to make a record, in order to timely detect the problem, take countermeasures.

4, mold forming surface maintenance. Mold cavity, the core is directly related to the quality of the product, so maintenance is crucial. Especially the cavity, related to the appearance of the product, that is, the most direct quality of the product. After each use of the mold, be sure to do a good job of cleaning the cavity of the product, clean up the remaining traces of plastic, to avoid long-term adhesion of the mold on the mold cavity, resulting in product defects. To write a corrosive plastic, profit PVC with particular attention. Clean, spray rust-proof packaging mold surface clean, the next time there will be no problem.

In short, a well-maintained mold can shorten the mold assembly, commissioning time, reduce production failures, delay the service life, make the production run smoothly, ensure the quality, and reduce the production cost and fixed input. Therefore, the plastic products manufacturing enterprises, in the current intense market competition, the maintenance of mold, can help businesses more competitive.