Injection molding of high polymer material for car lamp

- Mar 08, 2018-

Headlight is a car safety parts and regulations, and it is very important appearance of pieces. Over the past ten years, the rapid development of the automotive industry raised higher and higher requirements for automotive lighting, the quality of the lamp reflector directly affects the lighting effect of the car. Nowadays, cars in the world are widely used parabolic shaped surfaces and free-form surface headlamp mirrors. Moreover, there are lighting distribution lines and cut-off lines. The shapes are complicated and can not be achieved by the traditional stamping process. Therefore, Molecular materials are raw materials and are produced by injection molding. This is of great importance for lightweight automotive lamps, saving energy and improving labor productivity.

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Conventional headlight after molding, in order to improve the surface reflectance, and more aluminum as a reflective film. Taking into account the adhesion layer and the ability of acid and alkali in the country its technology, including car wash base, primer, drying, vacuum aluminum, the protection of paint and other five links, and all aspects of the separation, so that the layer It is inevitable to be contaminated with dust and other layers, thus affecting the quality of the film. Abroad, the transition film is replaced by a primer to protect the film instead of protective paint, thus reducing the pollution caused by paint, on the other hand, the appropriate thickness of the protective film can further increase the lamp reflectivity, we can see the film thickness Accurate monitoring, help to improve the quality of the lights.

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Headlight mask due to the thin wall, transparent, large aspect ratio and other special, the use of the traditional single-gate injection molding, there is uneven temperature field resulting in greater warpage, affecting the quality of the lights. If the use of multi-gate injection molding process, the temperature field can be a certain degree of improvement, warping deformation is also smaller, but there will be obvious new weld marks, which not only affect the appearance of the lights themselves, more importantly, Will affect the optical performance of the lights. Using multi-gate sequential control technology, with CAE software numerical simulation, and single-gate, multi-gate injection molding method to be compared, the satisfactory results were obtained. Not only can improve warpage, and can effectively eliminate the weld marks to ensure the optical performance of the lamp and surface quality, for the production of headlights have greater practical significance.