Injection molding tool molding parts material selection characteristics

- Jan 20, 2018-

According to the injection molding report: the mechanical processing function is good. It should be easy to cut, and can get high precision parts after machining. For this purpose, the most common use of medium carbon steel and carbon alloy steel is especially important for large moulds. For the parts that require edm, the burn hardened layer of the steel should be thinner.

Good wear resistance and fatigue resistance. The cavity of injection mold is not only washed by high pressure plastic melt, but also by the temperature stress of cold and heat. Generally high carbon alloy steel can be treated by heat treatment to obtain high hardness, but the toughness is poor, easy to form surface crack, not suitable for use. The selected steel should make the injection mould reduce the number of polishing molds, maintain the dimensional accuracy of the cavity for a long time, and meet the life time of the batch production.