Injection mould design for the plastic bottle cap

- Apr 16, 2018-

       Plastic bottle is the daily necessities,This design comes from life,it is widely used,but it is difficult to form,and the mould structure is complex.

       Design of injection mould for bottle cap

       The choice of parting ,surface and the determination of the number of cavities.To ensure that the plastic parts quality and avoide affecting the quality of appearance. for that part of the opening and closing of the smooth and cooperation. All the products into the parting surface are on the same side of the, to ensure that the plastic parts of the coaxial degree. In order to make the mold and injection machine production capacity matching, improve productivity and economy, and to ensure the accuracy of parts, using a multi cavity mode. Determine the number of cavity according to the maximum injection volume of injection machine.

     The structure of the injection mould design. This product is thin wall plastic parts, thin wall part is difficult to process, so this mold adopts the local inlay type die. Opening way: first the moving parts template will be completely out of pin, moves to the parting direction 102mm. Finally, the ejection mechanism will make a top, complete the opening process. The mold has the advantages of simple process, province mold process, high production efficiency. Frame select nozzle mold, using fine nozzle system

     Design of gating system.The mold is a mold gate with double parting surface, so the pour point feed, one is in order to facilitate the plastic parts and condensation material separation, ease of automation production; using pour point can significantly improve the melt shear rate of ABS material, is conducive to mold, and remove the gate after the residual traces of small, easy to obtain the balance of the gate system.

      Cooling system design. The product for thin wall plastic parts, so only the ordinary unilateral around the circulating water can be, in the design between two symmetrical product distance 90mm (center distance more than 70mm, general water still have to in 8mm) considering the product for thin wall plastic parts here waterway diameter set 8mm. The maximum height of the product is 45mm, and the maximum height of the product is 16.168mm.