Injection mould venting systerm standard

- Jun 08, 2018-

     Injection mould venting system is a very important part in the making injection mould.The venting system can decide the mould structure is good or bad. injection mould can not produce stable produts without good venting gas.Good injection mould should have good tightness and can ensure the gas can be discharged freely instead of being highly compressed.What are the standards for the injection mould venting?

    To make the full cycle venting structure as far as possible, the full cycle exhaust is the best in depth within the plastic overflow value, but one half of the steel should be left on the mold line to compensate the pressure. If PL face irregular venting can't do the entire week, a better method is to use 12 mm wide and exhaust slot to the master pattern, must eventually exhaust gas into the atmosphere, as far as possible the chamfer cutter with flat belt processing exhaust slot, if must use the spherical milling cutter, computing is to make sure that the machining depth and the depth of the flat work out just can use consistent, exhaust glue sealing length is one of the most easily ignored by most people, and relates to the appropriate exhaust problem, in this issue, there are many and varied the size of the regulation, specifications from 3 ~ 5 mm, material suppliers and experience prove that if the length is more than 3 mm will no longer play a good role, therefore, For safety, we stipulate the standard is 3mm. The venting depth depends on the molding material.