It is necessory to cleaning the plastic injection mould venting groove

- Jun 22, 2018-

  It is a great significance to design the plastic injection mould venting groove.The venting groove are ofen set in two stages.The first stage vent is mainly confined plastic only to expel air.The second stage the venting groove is deep and allow the gas to escape quickly.

     The venting groove is the most difficult to clean ,and the one that is most easily ignored is the one between the inserts.

     The parting surface of the plastic mould is the place where the mould gas is discharged. If the parting surface is flat, the grinding surface is used for grinding. After grinding, the parting surface fits well. The gas in the cavity should not be discharged,a venting system must be provided on one side of the cavity. If the parting surface is curved surface or inclined surface, it can be directly discharged due to the accuracy problem of machining, so there is no need to process the exhaust groove on the parting surface of the plastic mold. Many plastics, after injection molding, tend to leave a small amount of residue on the surface of the exhaust vents of plastic molds, something like plastic powder. As time goes on, the residue builds up over time, blocking the mold vent and making it difficult for the gas to escape. Therefore, the plastic mold vent should be cleaned in time. The die vent is easy to clean on the parting surface and can be erased directly. The exhaust vents on the surface of the push rods or in places such as sloping tops are also easier to clean up, often because of their own movement.