Large Auto mould design experience

- Mar 09, 2018-

Auto Mould industry is one of the most demanding and concentrated industries . Auto needs about 1500 moulds. There are about 1,000 stamping moulds and more than 200 plastic moulds.

Auto mould size classification

1. Small mould 1000mm

A pillar in the auto interior, B pillar, as well as the threshold bar, door trim, exterior rearview mirrors and other gadgets belong to the small mould range.

A column mould

B-pillar mould

Rearview mirror mould

2. 1000mm medium-sized mould 1500mm

C-pillar in the auto interior, the central console, front and rear door panels, luggage guard, exterior lights, grille, etc. are all within the scope of the mould.

C-pillar mould

Front door mould

3 large-scale mould 1500mm

Auto interior coat rack, dashboard, dashboard support, front and rear bumpers, side skirts, etc. belong to the scope of a large mould.

Side skirt mould

Front bumper mould

Dashboard mould

Second, large and medium-sized car mold design and conventional mold different

1. Injection moulding machine tonnage, the auto mould is generally too high when the horizontal injection moulding.

2000T, cannon direction

2. Automobile moulds are generally integral needle valve hot runner, with timing control, valve needle cylinder control, the entire hot runner junction box, oil joints, timing controller fixed in one, easy to disassemble.

Conventional moulds are generally split hot runner, the valve stem is controlled by the cylinder, the gas path needs to be processed separately Each component can be separately assembled and disassembled.

3. Large and medium-sized auto model hot runner plate is generally made of square iron form, cost savings.

Intermediate position plus support column to ensure the overall strength of the mould

General mould for the entire template open box

Positioning between the template pin or guide column positioning

4. Small auto model General spade machine and bevel edge positioning block to do together to increase the intensity, saving processing.

The inclined guide column is generally fixed on the inclined top positioning block for easy processing

Large-scale auto model generally do drag plate, reduce the stress center of gravity, opening and closing smoothly, while increasing the overall strength of the mold

Opening and closing of the line, inclined column pressure near the bottom of the pressure point, stable force, not easy to burn

5 Auto ramp oblique rod generally designed as a round rod plus guide sleeve form, easy processing, smooth movement

Third, large and medium-sized car mold design experience sharing

1. Deep cavity mould 4 side edge to do tiger mouth, to prevent the injection pressure caused by deformation of the mould

2. Water blocking method when water wells need to be added on one side of the waterway in the automobile mould

Lifting screw thread size design depends on the maximum load lifting

Round guide column and guide column pros and cons

The most important thing for automobile plastic injection mould is to ensure that the external surface of the product can not be welded, especially the interior and texture auto parts. The product surface can not have sink marks, skin texture surface should be even and so on. There are many tasks to do auto mold, in addition to experience, it is more important to do a good job in the actual operation according to the situation.