Method of reducing odor during injection molding

- Nov 24, 2017-

We all know that plastic processing products will emit unpleasant odor, in order to overcome this problem in order to meet the needs of customers, the production of plastic parts manufacturers have long been committed to reducing the odor of the divergent level aiming at the plastic processing factory production, reduce the smell of methods for a brief summary:

1. Use more pure resin

Many plastics, especially in PVC, poly styrene, ethyl acetate and acrylic plastic, trace residual monomer smell. The residual monomer resin can eliminate those little odor. If the resin itself is odorless and also has the very good effect. For example, DuPont plastic processing factory a developed acetal copolymer and a new level, the release of this resin in injection process and smell very trace.

2, change additives

The catalyst of tertiary amine used polyurethane foam in the production process often have a very strong smell, but also fog in the car window. The solution to this problem is to find a substitute for these amines. One of the measures is the use of polyhydroxy compounds, polyhydroxy compounds is not only the polyurethane molecular chain component, and also has catalytic activity. Tertiary amine catalyst some polyhydroxy compounds can even replace half of the product thus obtained the smell is much weaker.

The phenol stabilizer used in PVC extrusion or calendering process in zinc stabilizers are often low odor instead. Heat stabilizer stannous octoate because of its low smell and low atomization characteristics and commonly used in automotive PVC products. Such as oleic acid and erucic acid oil extraction plant than animal extract prepared (amine lubricant for styrene polyolefin and food packaging materials) the smell of small lot.

3. Add adsorbent

If a small amount of filler in the polymer zeolite (an aluminosilicate adsorbent), can play the role of odor removal of material. The zeolite has a large number of crystal holes, these holes can capture the gas with smell of small molecules. The molecular adsorbent has been successfully applied to polyolefin pipe extrusion, injection molding and extrusion blow molded containers, isolation packaging materials, extrusion molding packaging material and sealed with polymer molecular adsorbent powder can also be.