Plastic materials of the shell of various types of batteries

- Mar 22, 2018-

The shell of lead-acid battery is not only a single plastic product, but a special product made of material and tough synthetic resin. The material of the PP shell is PPO. Shell using lead-acid battery production of synthetic resin, is due to the battery internal structure with the use of the environment, the battery can power storage and discharge, it is to convert electrical energy into chemical energy by chemical reaction, battery anode plate, a cathode plate, separator, electrolyte composition storage discharge device. The battery use environment is poor, such as near the car engine car chassis etc., so it needs the battery shell has strong corrosion resistance, tensile mechanical production and strong material, so the copolymerization of PP or PPO material to make, can meet each kind of battery in the indoor and outdoor environment under normal working without easy to damage.