Plastic Pallet Mould Design

- Apr 21, 2018-

Pallet mould is one of main plastic injection mould in industrial mould series.To make a good plastic Pallet ,it should design a good mould.What should pay attention to the mould design for making plastic pallet mould.

1.The draft angle should be large.1to 2 degrees with 15% of glass fiber,and 2 to 3 degree with 30% of glass fiber.When the draft angel is not allowed,forced release should be avoided.It is better to adopt the horizontal parting structure.

2.Special consideration should be given to the sharpe and wall thickness of plastic parts

to facilitate the clear flow of filling cavities and to avoid sharp corners and notches.

       3.The design of feed port should consider the factors such as insufficient filling, anisotropic deformation, uneven distribution of glass fibers, and easy to produce weld marks. The feeding mouth should be thin film, thin, fan-shaped, circular and multi point form of feeding mouth to make flow of material flow, glass fiber dispersion, to reduce the anisotropy, it is best not to take needle like inlet, the entrance section of feed can be appropriately increased and its length should be short.

4.The plastic pallet mould should be polished,and use hardened,wear-resistant

steel,wear parts that it should be easy to repair.

       5.The plastic pallet mould cavity and core should have enough rigidity and strength.

       6.The cross section of the gating system should be large and the process straight and short, so as to facilitate the uniform dispersion of the fibers.

       7.the ejection should be uniform and strong, easy to repair.

       8.The plastic Pallet mould should be equipped with exhaust flash slot, and should be located in the vulnerable weld marks.