Repair technology of plastic shell of battery box(1)

- Mar 16, 2018-

With the development of power supply and distribution industry, the development of communications, communications industry and electric vehicles has also led to the progress and innovation of power battery industry for supporting the exhibition and technology. Because the lead-acid battery has excellent performance, so on the market at home and abroad except for portable electronic products supporting the battery and battery for aviation aerospace and military facilities for high-end electric vehicles, UPS systems, telecommunications (Telecommunications Center, satellite ground station), locomotives, cars, power plants, substations, emergency power supply, shipping and without electricity to light engineering energy storage power supply more than 90% of all the lead-acid battery. China's lead-acid battery in 2005 the total output is 6645 KVA, the total output value of 35 billion yuan; the total output in 2006 rose to 8457 KVA, the total output value of 42 billion yuan, accounting for three of the total output value of China's battery industry % (data provided by the Jiangsu power group company with Jingming Shuangdeng consultant). The ambassador use lead-acid battery thus field wide. But in the production, transportation, use process and sometimes there will be a collision, beat, fall events; this to a certain extent, can make the battery if the battery shell rupture. The shell cover in injection molding process, the stress is not well controlled or plastic shell a process temperature not completely eliminated will increase the possibility of housing small crack, often appear micro cracks in use after a period of time, resulting in leakage of electrolyte. The battery pole micro adhesive glue seal at the time if the glue, due to improper use of external shocks or thermal shock will cause the battery failure. Then sealant seal on the battery shell and battery pole minor rupture caused by the battery at The failure is to restore the battery by repair.