Specification for installation and adjustment of injection mold

- Jan 15, 2018-

In this paper, we analyze the standard of installation and adjustment of injection molds. Let's take a look at it.

I. mold precheck:

In injection molding machine, mold mount should be tested, so as to find quality problems in a timely manner, to repair the mold to avoid computer and then removed, when mold fixed template and mobile template separate checks, pay attention to the direction, to avoid make a mistake when clamping.

Ii. Oblique guide mode installation:

When installing the mold, the two should cooperate closely to pay attention to safety. If there is a mold of the side parting mechanism, the slider should be installed in the horizontal position, that is, the moving block is left and right moving.

Iii. Mold fastening:

When the mold in injection molding machine template of position locating circle after, with extremely slow speed closed modules, makes dynamic templates will die compaction gently, and then the pressure plate, pressure plate must be fitted with gasket, pressure must be up and down the 4 boards, pressure plate, must pay attention to adjust the height of the screw will be dispatched to with mold feet high, the pressure plate to be flat. If the pressing plate is inclined, the die can not be pressed tightly. The side of the pressing plate shall not be close to the mold, so as to avoid friction and damage the mould.

4. The ejection distance of the positive ejector rod:

Mould after fastening, the rev die slowly, until dynamic template to stop back, this is the position of the plunger should be adjusted to the mold ejection plate and the dynamic model of the slab was left not less than 5 mm clearance between to prevent damage to the mold, and hold out the parts.

5. Adjustment of closed mode tightness:

To prevent overflow, and ensure that appropriate cavity exhaust, in regulating hydraulic ram - toggle clamping mechanism, mainly by visual and experience, in the closed modules, namely toggle quickly before they are slow, that is not naturally, also not too reluctantly unbend, mold closing looseness is just the right. For molds that require mold temperature, after the mold temperature is raised, the mold is closed.

6. Energy cooling water:

After the cooling water is connected, check whether it is smooth and leaky.