The battery box mold parting surface selection

- Mar 14, 2018-

Plastic mold according to the material characteristics of plastic forming process can be divided into two categories for thermosetting plastic mould and heat, no matter which belongs to a class, to make plastic parts after forming, parts can be easily removed, and can successfully carry out the follow-up processing, must be determined on the basis of the parting surface parts forming process.  

Plastic mold parting surface must consider the following factors:

(1) after the injection molding, the shape is complete.  

(2) after the injection molding, the mold release is smooth and the forming period can be shortened as much as possible.  

(3) the design of the parting surface does not affect the shape and size of the parts, especially for the parts with a beautiful appearance.  

(4) the determination of the parting surface should be as much as possible the simplification of the die structure, the convenient manufacturing and processing, and the easy to guarantee the precision of the parts.  

(5) before the design and design of the die structure, the reasonable parting surface must be determined first, which is the prerequisite for the design and manufacture of the mold.