The correct way to use a new mould

- May 25, 2018-

We must pay special attention when we just get the mould to be used. The general number of new mould stamping sheets is relatively small, and we can't fully test the performance of all products. We should be prepared for the use of new moulds. To prevent accidents from happening!

The mould handle screw and the press screw are loosened. Guide column, guide sleeve clean and clean, no lubricant, otherwise, clean and add clean lubricant. High viscosity oils should be selected, such as 50 # mechanical oil. When the mould is used, the guide posts should be every 2 hours.


Since the cold stamping mould is a precision mould, the upper and lower planes of the mould should be free of burrs and debris, otherwise it will lead to an out-of-tolerance between the mould and the lower plane, resulting in an overshoot of the burrs.


Due to the previous loading method, if the surface of the moulds is not close to the bottom surface of the slider, cracks are likely to occur. If there is a crack, replace the handle. Otherwise, if the mould is broken, the mould will be scrapped or damaged.


After installing the mould, confirm the following in the press: The diameter of the punching hole Φ Leakage is greater than the mould core hole diameter Φd + 50 or more of the mould core diameter. If the above conditions are satisfied, the diameter of the hole Φ should be reduced to prevent the deformation of the template due to the long time of cutting due to the system rigidity, and the plate burrs have to be out of tolerance, thereby affecting the service life of the mould.