The design of the exhaust system battery box plastic mold

- Mar 13, 2018-

1. bad exhaust hazards

The increase melt filling flow resistance, cavity filling;

The products show clearly visible weld seams, reduce its mechanical properties;

The gas trapped when the plastic parts from the quality defects of;

The gas cavity is compressed to produce instantaneous local temperature, the plastic melt decomposition; the due to bad exhaust and reduce the filling speed.

2.The design method of the exhaust system

The use of vent is the best method of exhaust effect related to the contact precision surface; the can be used for large mold, forming part of the exhaust slot together; the clearance by the push rod and the exhaust hole; the use of spherical alloy particles agglomerate saturated exhaust; the opened cold material in weld line location


In most cases, the gap between the parting surfaces of the die can be naturally draught, and the moulded parts are processed in the form of inserts. The gap is generated naturally during the assembly process. There is no need to open the exhaust of the exhaust tank.