The production precision of plastic mould becomes the trend of development

- Dec 04, 2017-

It is learnt that the precision of plastic mold has become the trend of development. With the gradual transformation of China into the world manufacturing Kingdom, the traditional low-level foundry has been increasingly replaced by high precision electronic information industry and automobile industry. At the same time, precision molding has gradually become the mainstream of the injection processing market. In the field of precision injection, all electric injection machines have received extensive attention for their excellent performance.

The production market of plastic mould is flourishing, and the demand is quite large. The main demand manufacturers are foreign businessmen and Taiwanese businessmen, and the local manufacturers only have a small number of product grade requirements for the use of electric injection molding machines.

People in the industry believe that at present, automobile, packaging, medical and electronic are the most popular markets in the global injection industry. European and American manufacturers specialize in automobile, packaging and medical industry, while Japanese manufacturers focus on the electronics industry, which can be observed from recent German K exhibition, American NPE exhibition and Japan IPF exhibition. In recent years, Japanese manufacturers have taken the production of full motor as the main force. The main reason is that the whole motor is especially suitable for the production of small precision products in the electronic industry. In contrast, the other three industries, the motor is not necessarily an advantage, such as: automotive products are usually larger, large motor high cost, not easy to use, so the products still in the automotive industry with hydraulic press is suitable; the packaging industry emphasizes the high speed, high cycle, relatively speaking, oil and electricity hybrid is more competitive.