The progress of plastic machinery technology in our country is advancing to the international level

- Jan 13, 2018-

In recent years, the progress of plastic mechanical technology in China has been accelerated in new products and new technologies, and the starting point is higher. The main way is to introduce and absorb advanced manufacturing technology from abroad. The development of international market is also an important symbol of the development of plastic machinery in China. A third of enterprises have exported their products, and the export volume has accounted for about 30% of the domestic sales volume, and the export growth rate reaches 20%.

Pipe equipment, for example, in the mid 90 s last century introduced first aluminous model multiple tube production line, the manufacturer of the equipment within five years has more than 50, and its key technologies, such as aluminum pipe welding, composite got a better solution, most of the integrity of the product and sophistication has reached the international advanced level.

Developed over the same period and gangsu composite unit, gas PE pipe machine and other advanced equipment, and solved some key technologies, such as applicable to the high density PE processing of high-speed efficient single screw machine; The mixing effect is good, the retention time is short, the high-precision die with no trace line and the advanced design, cooling, traction, cutting, thickness and so on.

In recent years, domestic extruder is towards high torque, high speed, high efficiency development, and achieved certain results, domestic extruder is widely adopted advanced separation type screw and grooving machine barrel, the nose is generally the use of international popular for polyolefins processing basket and plate the nose, the nose programmable device and a liquid crystal display touch screen industrial computer have been mature application.

Plastic film processing equipment adopts screw head manufacturing technology gradually popularization, the superposition of the nose to promote application of multi-layer co-extrusion film has reached 5 layer, geomembrane is used in cold technology, etc., co-extrusion flow width of film has reached to 2 meters.

The second way is to strengthen the development of intellectual property technology through technological innovation. Enami professor of Beijing university of chemical industry and Beijing feng plastic machinery co., LTD. Has developed the mill type mixing extruder, compared with the traditional mixing equipment, improve the fineness of materials, such as dispersion mixing effect, expanded the scope of the processing raw material for processing magnetic, such as nano composite material has significant advantages. Beijing jiancheng machinery co., LTD., etc., has solved the key technologies of composite, foaming, co-extrusion and cutting. Shanghai jingwei extrusion mechanism co., LTD. Has developed PET/GPET co-extrusion production line with a width of 2 meters.

The improvement of the level of plastic machinery equipment also shows the general importance of the equipment. Especially on extrusion molding, over the years, the main auxiliary notion, most manufacturers provide only host, main, auxiliary engine imbalance, this situation has changed, at present most of the extruder manufacturers can provide a full range of extrusion production lines, can undertake turnkey projects.