What is the parting surface of the injection mold

- Dec 21, 2017-

In the planning of injection mould parting surface, specific regulations have been made in some commodity drawings, but in many mold planning, it is necessary for the mold planners to decide. Generally speaking, the typing on the plane is more than simple, and sometimes the stereoscopic pattern should be paid attention to. The selection of the subtypes should follow the following guidelines:

1. does not affect the appearance of the finished product, especially the finished product with clear appearance, and more attention should be paid to the appearance of the type.

2. is helpful to ensure the precision of the finished product.

3. is beneficial to die processing, especially the cavity machining.

4. the planning of the pouring system, the exhaust system and the cooling system.

5. is beneficial to the demoulding of the finished product, so as to ensure that the finished product is kept on the side of the moving die when the mold is opened.

6. easy to insert device.

There are six requirements for the injection mold to the distributary channel

The pressure loss and temperature loss of the 1. plastic flow through the diverting channel are small.

The curing time of the 2. distributary channel should be later at the curing time of the finished product to facilitate the pressure transfer and pressure protection.

3. ensure that the plastic is agile and uniform into the various cavities.

4. the length of the distributary channel should be as short as possible, and its volume should be small.

5. to facilitate processing and cutting tool selection.

6. each section of the channel is more 10-20% than the next section.