What problems should be paid attention to in the process of injection hardening

- Dec 22, 2017-

Injection molding is a wide range of knowledge, technology and practical industry, need to use plastic materials, toner, Haikou material, mold, injection molding machine, peripheral equipment, working process of injection mold, fixture, spray a variety of accessories and packaging materials, these give the injection workshop management has brought great difficulty the workload and to some extent, we need to pay special attention to. Hardening is an important part of the injection processing. Here we will briefly introduce it.

Injection molding hardening refers to the process of crosslinking reaction when the plastic is formed. The hardening rate is usually represented by the second speed of the plastic specimen hardening 1mm thickness, and the smaller the value, the faster the hardening speed.

The injection molding processing hardening speed and injection molding processing varieties of raw materials, plastic parts shape, wall thickness, molding temperature and has the close relation is not preheated and pre pressure, such as the pressure, temperature and increase the forming progress of preheating, pressure time and so on, can significantly accelerate the hardening speed. In addition, the hardening rate should also be suitable for the request of the molding method. For example, pressure injection or injection molding, should be requested in plasticizing, filling chemical reaction slow, slow hardening, has persisted in the long-term activity.

In addition, when the cavity is filled, it should be hardened at high temperature and high pressure. Injection molding slow hardening plastic will make the molding cycle longer, lower productivity, and fast hardening plastic, but it can't be made into jumbled plastic parts. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the hardening speed of injection molding in the process of injection molding.