What should we pay attention to when making plastic bucket mould?

- May 28, 2018-

There are many common problems in making plastic bucket mould, products are not the same, the wall thickness is not uniform, the plasticity is uneven, the ejection is difficult, the surface of the mold is easy to flush, the core is flushed, and the product surface is wrinkled. The bucket mould has a simple structure, and Each problem hidden is linked by a ring, so it is necessary to clarify the thinking from the beginning of the mold design, and make use of good manufacturing experience to avoid problems caused by injection molding.

   1.       How to ensure the concentricity of plastic bucket ?

When we start the design of a plastic bucket mould, we should take the factor of wall thickness into consideration. Some areas are thicker to ensure the strength of the barrel, but also consider that the wall thickness needs to be even, and the uneven wall thickness will lead to uneven injection and cooling. Accurate CNC milling is important.

2.       Guarantee the life of paint bucket? Many people would say guarantee one million mold, but after 1 million molds running in real time will not flash, so we need to check the hardness of steel and welding parts of whether this pair of mould, under normal circumstances should be HRC33 steel hardness

3.       Ensure the durability of bucket mold polishing? In order to make the mold core cavity is not corroded, ensure the steel chrome plating, hardness more than 33, if using some recycle material production, the bucket mold must be chrome plated, or it should be polished frequently.