Analysis Of Painting Technology Of Plastic Products

- Nov 17, 2017-

Plastic surface painting, with the end of last century, plastic in the electronic appliance products widely used, once popular in the north and south. In recent years, 3C based electronic materials are becoming diversified, coloring process of plastic products have also been some revolutionary breakthrough, such as automotive OEMs trim start spraying technology used in free, white goods in the coating process, have solved some problems existing in the traditional surface paint. In addition, the traditional paint construction of VOC emissions, plastic paint after the industry turned upside down, the market capacity has dropped significantly. However, the surface spray technology of plastic products has the advantage of mature technology, and is still widely used by the technical personnel in the high-grade plastic products, the charm is not diminished!

1 white plastic paint for household appliances

First of all, the high brightness of plastic surface painting is still difficult to achieve by other processes, especially various metal colors. With the consumer's appeal for delicacy and individuality, both colorful and metallic colors are widely welcomed. To meet this demand, silver arrow aluminum silver paste in 2016 launched a new blue diamond series aluminum silver paste, specially selected particle size in the span of less than 1.2, the ductility of the extra fine spherical aluminum powder as raw material, processing technology innovation and grinding, the fineness of the same aluminum silver white brightness is a l l, direct replacement Japanese imports of silver paste. After the use of plastic paint and ink in Guangdong area, the old customers have received much praise! Secondly, the spray paint resin for the substrate hardness, scratch resistance performance has been greatly improved, this is other processes are not available. Therefore, in the high-end plastic products, the traditional surface coating process is still difficult to replace because of the mature technology.

2 、 blue drilling series aluminum silver paste

Because of its low cost, light weight, easy molding and other characteristics, plastic products will be more deeply integrated into every corner of our daily life. The surface spray technology of plastic products is worth paying more attention to the spraying equipment and raw materials enterprises in the industrial chain, and constantly launch various new materials and new technologies to meet the new needs of the development of the industry.