China's Die And Mould Industry Will Move Towards Low Carbon Economy Era

- Nov 10, 2017-

Since the Copenhagen conference, the global wave of low carbon has come rapidly, and the low carbon economy has become a hot issue. The concept of low carbon and environmental protection is popular. The Permanent Secretary of the international mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association, mold industry expert Luo Baihui said, in the comprehensive role of the internal and external factors, China's mold industry is moving towards a low carbon economy era, mold enterprises in developing green economy under the background of the launch of a new round of industrial upgrading is represent the general trend.

For China's die and mould industry, the awakening of environmental awareness caused by frequent global disasters may increase the environmental pressure of the mold manufacturing industry. Because the mold industry is also a resource consuming industry, and the current stage of development is relatively primary, many environmental policies and regulations will be introduced to some extent to limit the development of the industry.

Die expert Luo Baihui said, "first of all, the mold steel material is a variety of metals.". These metals have consumed a lot of resources in the process of smelting, and have caused harm to the environment. Secondly, in the production process of the mold, it will consume a lot of energy, and even cause some pollution. This determines that in the mold industry, low-carbon environmental policy will be elevated to a very important height." At present, China's die and mould enterprises are mainly based on self-sufficiency and export business. Whether in the domestic production areas, or in the export market, the relevant countries are in accordance with the introduction of a series of standards, in order to survive and development, mold and related industries must be able to adapt to these new standards, take the initiative to join the historical process of environmental protection. In this process, the left behind enterprises will soon be eliminated by history. Luo Baihui suggested that Chinese mold enterprises want to fully meet the national environmental protection policy, the future export markets in Europe and America environmental standards, also need the mould enterprise in our country more lasting efforts to increase investment, new technologies and new products, improve product quality, increase the added value of the products.

Energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction and low carbon economy have become the long-term development trend. At the same time, a number of new industries with high speed development have been driven. Such as high-speed trains, rail transportation and so on, and these industries also put forward new requirements for the die and mold industry. As the basic equipment of mold industry manufacturing industry known as the "mother of the industry", "every nerve to the mold manufacturing industry and the whole industry chain affects manufacturing industry".

At present, a series of policies at home and abroad to encourage the mold enterprises to develop green production, the purpose is "energy saving, emission reduction and material saving."". According to the requirements of the mold industry first through the use of lightweight materials to replace heavier quality materials, such as the development of magnesium, Aluminum Alloy, plastic steel, metal, high strength, high stiffness materials etc.. At the same time, we also actively purchase advanced low energy consumption and environmental protection processing equipment and waste gas and waste treatment equipment to achieve the purpose of green production.

From the direction of the development of the mould industry can be seen, pay attention to the problems of low carbon mold manufacturing industry and the whole industry chain, apart from raw materials, production equipment and waste gas treatment, should also produce intelligent maximum range, to maximize the realization of the mold manufacturing industry. Because the intelligent industry is not only a low-carbon economy, but also has advanced technology, in line with the current overall economic development direction.

Therefore, the concept of "die industry" towards "low carbon economy era" should be discussed in more broad sense. Only in this way, that is, pay attention to all aspects of the development of mold industry, to promote the mold industry quickly and effectively toward the era of low-carbon economy".