In Mould Decoration

- Oct 07, 2017-

In mold decoration technology is in-mold inserts molding decoration technology, IMD is the current international popular surface decoration technology. Mainly used for home appliances decorative and functional control panel, car dashboard, air conditioning panel, mobile phone shell / lens, washing machine, refrigerator and other applications are very extensive.


IMD is to have been printed into a good decorative sheet into the injection mold, and then injection of gum in the back of the molding sheet, so that resin and sheet into a solidification molding technology. IMD is in the injection molding at the same time inlaid decorative technology, the product is decorated with decorative materials into one, the three-dimensional shape of the whole can be decorated printing, the product to achieve decorative and functional in one effect.

IMD is actually the printed film after forming punching, embedded in the injection mold cavity and then mold injection and production of the product. It is melt printing, molding, molding, injection molding technology as a whole, will be plastic sheet, ink, plastic resin integrated use. The injection resin is combined with the ink layer on the back of the film. The panel is pictured and placed between the film and the injection molded resin. The graphic and logo are not worn by friction or time.

Application areas

Appliances industry: rice cookers, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators and other control decorative panel.

Automotive industry: instrument panel, air conditioning panels, interior parts, lights shell, signs and so on.

Electronic industry: MP3, MP4 machine, computer, VCD, DVD, electronic notebook, camera and other decorative shell and signs.

Computer industry: keyboard, mouse shell.

Communication industry: mobile phone keys, shell, window lenses.

Other industry: cosmetics boxes, gift boxes, decorative boxes, toys, plastic products, sports and leisure appliances.

IML products:

1, so that cooperation 2D or low stretch products. Such as a mobile phone lens or a control panel.

2, yield is difficult to control, affected by human factors is relatively large, difficult to control the temperature.

3, male and female mold, forming the process of injury sheet surface.

4, the film thickness changes need to modify the molding die, expensive, R angle forming poor, easy to pull the sheet and so on.