Injection Molding Process Of Injection Mould

- Nov 06, 2017-

Injection molding process can be roughly divided into three steps, first, temperature control; Second, pressure control; Third, the molding cycle. 
 Temperature control is divided into the barrel temperature control, nozzle temperature control, mold temperature control. Different plastics have different flow temperature, so choose the temperature of each plastic barrel. The nozzle temperature is usually lower than the barrel temperature, the nozzle temperature will affect the performance of the product after molding. The mold temperature has a great influence on the performance and quality of the product. the control of the mold temperature depends on the crystallinity, the size and structure of the mold and other external and internal conditions. 
 The pressure control is divided into two parts: plasticizing pressure and injection pressure. The technical level of plasticizing pressure is relatively high, it should be changed according to the quality of injection mold and the type of plastic, and the injection pressure is to restrain the flow resistance of the barrel, give the mold filling rate and the melt with strong help
The completion of an injection process is the molding cycle. The molding cycle will affect the labor utilization and equipment utilization, so to shorten the molding cycle time, has reached the maximum efficiency. The injection time and cooling time are critical to the quality of the product, so we should ensure the quality of the injection mold while shortening the cycle.