Low Pressure Injection Molding

- Oct 06, 2017-

Low pressure molding is now widely be used in auto parts and electronic parts. The low pressure molding process is a process in which the encapsulating material is injected into the mold at a very low injection pressure (2-20 bar). Fast curing molding (5 ~ 50 seconds) of the packaging process to achieve insulation, temperature, shock, vibration, moisture, water, dust, chemical resistance and other effects.

The advantage of low pressure molding

First, low-pressure injection molding process equipment costs low. Traditional injection molding process equipment systems, in general, are costly, including the purchase of high pressure injection molding machines, as well as water cooling systems and expensive steel molds. The low-pressure injection molding process equipment system is generally relatively simple, only by the hot melt machine, work console and mold three parts.

Secondly, due to the very low injection pressure, the mold can be cast aluminum mold, easy to mold design, development and processing, can save material costs and development cycle. Such as the use of low-pressure injection molding process to replace the traditional potting process, you can also save the enclosure and the post-heating curing and other costs.

Finally, due to low pressure and low temperature, can greatly reduce the finished product waste scrap rate, to avoid unnecessary waste.

Therefore, the choice of low-pressure injection molding process not only can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the finished product defect rate, but also from the overall help manufacturers to establish cost advantages