Mould Standard Parts

- Apr 03, 2018-

The standard mould parts are based on China's mould standardization system including four major categories of standards: mould base standards, mould process quality standards, mould parts standards, and moulding products that are related to mould production-related technical standards.

Mould standards can be divided according to the main classification of die stamping die standards, plastic injection die standards, die casting die standards, forging die standards, fasteners cold die standards, drawing die standards, cold extrusion die standards, rubber die standards, glass products Die and car die standards and other top ten categories. At present, China has more than 50 standard moulds and more than 300 standard numbers and 14 general-purpose devices and 244 varieties for automotive die parts, a total of 363 standards. The formulation and promotion of these standards have improved the standardization and level of Chinese moulds.