Present Situation And Future Trend Of China Automotive Mold Industry

- Nov 09, 2017-

According to statistics, at present, there are about more than 30 scale automobile mould factories (companies) in China, the number of workers is more than 7000, including about 1000 people in design, manufacture and management, accounting for 14% of the total number of workers. The original value of fixed assets of the whole industry is about 900 million yuan, net worth about 700 million yuan, annual sales income of about 4 billion 400 million yuan, the overall labor productivity is about 450 thousand yuan / person, the annual manufacturing capacity of approximately 12 million hours, including large and medium-sized mold manufacturing capacity of approximately 5 million hours per year. In particular, after the "95" period of technological transformation, the automotive mold industry is not only the production capacity and production has been improved, product quality and level has also been improved. For example, the actual casting technology of automobile body mold and the popularization and application of new air cooling steel have played a positive role in improving the quality of automobile panel die and reducing the workload of machining.

At present, China can be self-sufficient in trucks, light trucks, mini vans mold basically, and part of the production car cover mold. However, most of the car's moulds still need to be imported, mainly for body panels, moulds and interior parts, with an annual import value of more than $100 million.

China's automobile mould industry recently developed rapidly, and has made great progress, but compared with foreign advanced level, there are still significant gaps. Mainly in the following points:

Is a precision manufacturing. Taking seals as an example, many people have shown that the sealing performance of domestic cars in China is poor. In fact, this is not only related to the sealing material and seal manufacturing level, but also directly related to the level of the relevant mold. At present, foreign automobile enterprises are in the implementation of "2 mm" project, but in our country, a single part can also do, hundreds of parts assembled together, there is no guarantee, the key lies in the mold.

Two is short die life. As an example of aluminum die casting, the advanced level in foreign countries has reached more than 1 million times, while only 200 thousand times in China, only 1/5 in foreign countries.

Three is the long development cycle of mold. In the past, China's car models for decades unchanged, the development of automotive mold is also very slow. With the fierce competition, the replacement speed of automotive products is speeding up. Accordingly, the die industry needs to shorten the mold development cycle. At present, medium sized die abroad development cycle is only 1-2 months, car cover mold development cycle for 6-7 months, while China is the level of foreign 2-3 times. Therefore, some of the more powerful automobile mold factories in China have the strength to develop new molds, but they often lose market competitiveness because they can't keep up with the pace of upgrading of automotive products.

Reasons caused these problems mainly is the enterprise structure of China's automobile mould industry is not reasonable, software development, management and personnel quality and foreign advanced level compared to the larger gap.

The first is specialization and low degree of standardization. Internationally, the automotive mold has entered the stage of specialization and standardization. Foreign automotive mold is basically provided by the professional mold manufacturers, mold commercialization rate is more than 70%, there are many companies specializing in the production of standard mold parts enterprises, automotive mold standard pieces up to hundreds of kinds. The main mold production capacity of our country is concentrated in the mold factory or workshop of the main factory, and the commercialization rate of the mold is low. During the "95" period, although the adjustment of the enterprise structure, the proportion of self production of the mold is still up to about 70%. In the aspect of standard parts of automobile mould, only two enterprises have a certain quantity in our country.

The second is the design and manufacture of backward technology. The most outstanding performance is two times of poor software development capabilities. In recent years, many foreign advanced mould design softwares have been introduced in china. But China's auto products in all aspects of data and material are different from foreign countries, must be based on the introduction of the software according to the situation of China, the two development of the software to design and manufacture to meet the market requirements of the mold. The weakness of the two development ability of mould software in our country is mainly due to the lack of development experience and weak technical force.

Third is the management level and personnel quality is low. In recent years, some of the major domestic auto mould factory has introduced the world advanced mold processing equipment, including the fixed assets of FAW, Dongfeng, Tianqi, flying into the other 4 enterprises reached 200 million yuan, but the performance of products and technical level compared with foreign advanced level there are still significant gaps, the main reason is that the level of management and personnel quality is low, resulting in low utilization rate of equipment, the performance can not be brought into full play.

Automotive mold market is very large, in developed countries can account for about half of the entire mold market. By 2005, China's car basic models will reach 170 kinds, update models and modified models can reach 430 kinds, the demand for automotive mold is also great. The next few years, the automotive mold industry should focus on the development of the following categories of products:

Die large and medium-sized automobile cover. With the development of automobile to high speed, comfort and style, the body structure will become more and more complex, and the mold will be developed to large, complex and high quality. From 2000 to 2005, the average annual demand of car body dies in China is about 15 million hours, of which, the large and medium-sized moulds require 9 million 360 thousand man hours per year. At present, China's large and medium-sized automobile mold production capacity is only 5 million 200 thousand working hours / year, still lack of 4 million 360 thousand working hours / year, the satisfaction rate is only 53.4%.

Plastic mold. Driven by the trend of lightweight vehicles, the application of plastics in automobiles has increased significantly, and the number of plastic pieces and total weight of each car has been increasing. According to the calculation of production in 2005 3 million, China needs all kinds of auto matching plastic parts 300 thousand tons, while the current production capacity is only 200 thousand tons, great contradictions. In particular, large and medium-sized plastic moulds for bumper, dashboard, fuel tank, steering wheel and so on, are expected to meet only about 50% of the planned demand in 2005.

Motorcycle mold. A motorcycle model needs nearly 1000 sets, worth about 10000000 yuan. China is the largest motorcycle producer in the world, with an annual output of more than 10 million motorcycles. Although most of the motorcycle moulds can be produced in China, they still need to be made in the localization of the casting. Agricultural vehicle mould. Previously, the mold industry do not pay enough attention to the agricultural vehicle mold. In recent years, China's agricultural vehicle market has developed rapidly, the annual output has reached about 2000000, the demand for the mold is growing very fast. At the same time, with the development of agricultural vehicles to the comfort direction, but also put forward higher requirements for the mold. During the period of "fifteen", the automobile mould industry must pay enough attention to this market.


General, die China low tech has the market profit space is narrow; pile up in excess of requirement, and high technology content of high-grade mold is far from meeting the needs of economic development, precision, complex die, die mold and other high-end cars there is still much room for development. The future development direction of China's automotive die and mould industry should focus on the adjustment and positioning of product structure. Further improve the manufacturing technology level of the mold, occupy the complex structure, high precision, high technology of high-grade mold market.